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I am offering a safe, supporting space for you to think through what’s on your mind. The connection we create will help you better express and understand yourself by which you will gain new insights to guide you forward. I trust that you already have your answers, and that I can show you how to find them.

You're one of the best listeners I have ever met in my life! You know how to hold space in a beautiful way, it's crazy.

Why online?

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​ A company, in which you will be yourself. ​

​ Who am i ​

Starting as a business consultant fascinated by people, I moved towards psychology, researching, and focusing on what makes therapy successful. Engaged with the topic of self-awareness for the past 10 years, I concluded hundreds of hours of helping conversations with people from different nationalities and backgrounds. With my interest constantly growing and expanding, I have learned about Humanistic Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Existential Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and lately Internal Family Systems Therapy, so I can gather new insights and perspectives, constantly improving my practice. 

I also co-founded an Amsterdam-based support group in 2017, helping members find their own directions, solutions, tackle their problems, and create a better life. Since then, we have organized a variety of workshops online and in person.

Exploration, curiosity and my interest in people also affect my personal relationships, my work, and my everyday life. I lived and worked on 3 continents and 5 countries in the past years, where I got to know a large variety of cultures, mindsets, perspectives, and approaches that I could all incorporate into my work. I made connections with incredibly diverse people and learned a lot from them personally. My main driving force as a professional is not only gathering valid, reliable knowledge and gaining wider perspectives on mental health, but also this vast interest and curiosity in people. I find it utterly engaging that people share such complex, ambiguous, and diverse experiences and that everyone has their own reality to explore. Focusing on these experiences combined with my practical and problem-solving approach not only helps clients figure out what is true for them – but also enriches my experience, my knowledge, and my perspectives on people – which is what makes these conversations so intriguing for me.

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​ I'm close enough to support you, yet far enough to let you open up. ​

​ And what I do ​

My personal approach combines scientific research in psychology with a safe, transparent, and honest therapeutic relationship we create together. I don’t have preset questions or a strict framework: in my sessions, I’m using bits of a variety of therapeutic approaches I learned, focusing on what will be helpful for you at that given moment. Every session we have is different and depends mostly on what is important to you at that moment.

The goal is to get to know yourself better and trust yourself as a guide to have a happier, more balanced, and more fulfilling life. You will discover what steps you can make towards this goal, gain clarity over what you need, and acquire skills that will make you more prepared and confident. We will find out what your personal truth is, and what you can do to set yourself on the right path.

The first session is always free. In order to ensure a successful cooperation, I’d like to offer us a trial session where we can see if we can create a trusting relationship, a safe space to express yourself, and a chance for you to see if I am the one you are looking for. This session holds no responsibilities or commitments. The consultation fee from the second session is: 100 EUR / 60 minutes.

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​ A set of therapeutic approaches - using what you need at the moment.



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​ FAQ ​

I don’t know for sure. I have no influence over who you open up to, who you give your trust – it’s your own personal choice. Research has shown numerous times that a successful therapy/coaching session depends mainly on the relationship between the client and the professional, and like all human relationships, it is always unique. The reason I’m offering a free initial session is to see if we can create a safe, trusting and valuable connection which we can use to help you move forward. This trust and connection depend on both of us – and we will only work together if we are both comfortable and eager to continue. 

My approach is a combination of coaching and the fundamentals of psychotherapy, but is not considered official psychotherapy, and therefore not suitable for individuals with severe mental disorders. If it turns out that your problems require services above my qualifications, I will refer you to the mental health professional you need.

Unless we discuss it differently, one session takes about 60 minutes. I’d like to make sure that your topic is discussed thoroughly, but also that we have enough focus and energy throughout the whole conversation.

It depends on your situation and your approach to your topic. Some people feel better right after one session. For some, it takes 3 to see some results, and some would like to work with long-term, continuous support. We will always discuss goals and expectations to set a realistic target.

My work is based on Rogerian humanistic therapy and phenomenology, which I use to create a safe, non-judgmental space and understand you better. On the practical side, I’m using a lot of problem-solving techniques and the principles of non-violent communication, besides which I mostly rely on my own personal character and intuition, which is probably the most important component of our successful cooperation.
The main reasons are flexibility, comfort, and efficiency. Attending an online practice allows you to carry on with your life and maintain a healthy balance. Not having to travel to our meetings, being able to schedule appointments whenever you need it, the option to reach out for me as soon as possible and have our sessions in your own, comfortable environment adds a lot to the value of our work together. The same benefits apply for me: more freedom to do my research, have the mental space I need to recharge between sessions, continue my training and have a healthy work-life balance – so I can also offer more to you.

Your privacy is a top priority. We will be using a secure, encrypted communication platform supported by the highest industry standards of psychotherapy. Of course our talks are also handled with strict confidentiality on my side.

Great, more power to you then! You can also consider though, that because of this you have tremendous mental resources you can use to further develop yourself, deal with problems in your past, or discover areas in you that you haven’t even thought about before. There is still great potential for working together.

​ We'll create a safe space to be who you really are. ​

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